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Everybody hates the word ‘diet’. It makes you think of pain and misery. It is definitely hard to keep your will power to stay on a diet during the holidays.

But it’s not all bad. There really are plenty of ways to lose pounds quickly without having to go without and it’s much easier than you think - once you know how. You can start the New Year with some great weight loss results with these easy tips.

Here are the top nine ways to lose pounds this year.

1. Water
So many people avoid drinking simple water, yet it’s one of nature’s best ways to clean out your body at the same time as helping to shed those pounds. Drinking enough water doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply drink a glass of water before each meal or snack and you’ll suddenly find you’re rehydrated, feeling less bloated and you’re suddenly less tempted to reach for the sugary snacks.

2. Fiber
Fiber gives another opportunity to help you lose weight and make you feel full at the same time. By adding fiber to your diet, you can actually reduce and get rid of awful hunger pangs. Foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and beans will increase your intake of fiber, making you feel full faster and lose weight faster too!

3. Snacks
Just because you’re losing weight, that shouldn’t mean you go without food. Feel free to snack whenever you’re hungry. Your metabolism will actually speed up a little by eating more. Just be careful with the types of snacks you choose. It’s always fine to snack on nuts or fruit, but you can also add a snack-size tub of low-fat yogurt or baked rice crisps. Just be sensible about your snack choices.

4. Walk
Take every opportunity to walk. Take the stairs at work instead of using the elevator. Park in the back of the parking lot at the store and walk the long distance. Stroll around the neighborhood with your dog, or with a friend. You can also switch on your stereo at home and walk around your house!

5. Grill it up
Switch from frying foods to grilling them, order grilled when you go out to eat. Grilling is easier than and just as tasty as frying. It’s healthier and has fewer calories than fried foods.

6. Side Dishes
We’ve been trained over the years to believe that meals aren’t complete without fries on the side. Replace fries with a simple salad or with some steamed vegetables.

7. Processed Foods
Pre-packaged ham or chicken slices are quick and convenient to have in the fridge, but they contain high levels of salt. Salt helps your body to retain fluid and makes it harder for you to shed those pounds. Avoid pre-packaged processed foods wherever you can and replace with fresh options.

8. Keep It Lean
You can still eat red meat or poultry, just be sure to buy the leanest cuts you can find. Trim off any excess fat and remove the skin from chicken and then grill your meat to keep the goodness in and the fat levels down.

9. Meal Replacement
Meal replacement diets are quick and easy, and can keep you slim. All you have to do is eat a pre-prepared meal in place of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig seem to be the most popular, but make sure to do your research by reading customer reviews on these diets. These diet plans take the guess work out of portion size and the correct foods to eat.

Keep up with these simple tips and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to lose weight quickly.

by Cathy Maree

Persons who need to lose weight are constantly searching for diets that work. The trick isn’t really finding a diet plan that works, but rather finding a diet to which a person can stick. The 46.8 billion dollar diet industry (as of 2005) depends not on people staying healthy and staying thin, but rather on people taking an endless roller coaster ride between health and fat. Because the money comes from repeat business, the focus is surely on the roller coaster reality of bad living followed by short stints of diets and health programs.

Here’s a fat loss diet that sheds pounds. Combine limiting caloric intake to 1000 calories a day with at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. That diet will result in shedding weight. Only two small things.

The first is that cravings are prone to foil the diet. 1000 calories and all that exercise will eventually lead to huge hunger and binge eating. One piece of cake, or just one bag of chips, or one extra hot dog will soon cause you to dropping off the diet.

#2 the diet eventually finishes. You soon go back to eating the identical old way. Next beach season, or next fancy dress party, or next vacation, or simply the next time you glance at a looking glass on the way out of the bathroom it will be time to return to a diet to lose the unwanted pounds.

The best fat loss is one making a change to overall diet, forever. More and more people are coming to realize that to lose weight it’s best to make a whole lifestyle change, including healthier eating habits and more exercise. Connie Guttersen created the Sonoma Diet which, as a base, discusses ten power foods.

These are almonds, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and whole grains, combined with the diet of the Sonoma country, which includes Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean foods and dishes. The diet includes a wide selection of real, and enjoyable foods so it’s easy to stay on it .

Want a diet that works? Move your mind from a short term diet to permanent eating habits that go along with an overall healthy and active lifestyle. That’s the way to not only lose the weight, but to avoid gaining it in the first place.

About the Author:

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by Dorthy Weatherbush

Much like the Christmas tree and the jingle bells, holiday parties are as much a part of this time of year as Santa Claus and reindeer. Although many people use this as an excuse to over indulge themselves, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Get ready, because you’re about to discover the 10 best ways to eat during this holiday and actually loose weight.

10) One of the easiest and cheapest ways to silence your growling stomach is to drink enough H20. That’s water for you non Chemistry majors. The best thing about water is that it fills you up fast and helps breakdown those naughty foods faster in your stomach.

9) Eat before you go! When attending the many holiday dinners and parties take the time to eat a healthy snack. When you do not go hungry, you will be less likely to over indulge.
Watch you portions, a healthy amount is about the size of your fist. For the holidays, trim that to a slightly smaller portion.

7) Never miss a meal. I realize this may sound strange but it is so true. Many people think they are doing themselves a favor by skipping lunch or breakfast because they feel they are saving room for the big dinner party that night. This is so far from the truth it is not even funny. Keep your daily routine and consider a doggie bag if you are too full by party time.

6) Change the recipe. Rather than giving up the foods you love, why not make the foods you love healthy. Did you know that by shifting one ingredient for a healthier one, you can take a formally unhealthy dish and turn it into a healthy alternative?

5) Add more physical activity to your holiday routine. Parties and dinners are fun events during this time of the year but when you can add some ice-skating, sledding, or a walk with friends to the mix.

4) Stick to your normal workout schedule. Many times, during the holidays, we feel like there is just not enough time and the workout is easiest to skip. Don’t skip it!

3) Go to dinner with a plan; you know that there will be delicacies aplenty when you attend holiday functions. Plan ahead of time what you will eat and how much. For instance, you may allow yourself a piece of pecan pie but decide to forego any other sweets.

2) Add resistance training to your day. We all know that muscle helps you burn more fat calories but many of us have not added a weight training routine to our healthy lifestyles. Now don’t run out and get a fancy gym membership this year, but you can start doing a little extra. As an example, rather than getting the grocery store clerk to help you to your car with your 15 pound turkey, you might consider taking on that task yourself.

1) Let loose and hang out. While this is a time for family and friends to celebrate each other, it can also become a time when we get burned out from trying to be all things to all people. Take some time for yourself and breathe. This is your time to rest as well as serve.

These are the top ten holiday eating tips that will help you burn more calories. Take a few or all of them and put them to work in your life this holiday season. Who knows maybe you will not need that New Year’s resolution to lose weight after all.

About the Author:

Author Dorthy Weatherbush sees everyday celebrities like Kristy Swanson of Knots Landing fame use these tips plus diet programs like Medifastto trim unwanted pounds. Take a look at Dorthy’s review of the Medifast Diet by visiting the site above.


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